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Hope Family Care's Dedicated Social Services for Eastern Kansas City

Hope is more than just a word in our name at Hope Family Care Center. Hope is our promise to give you a hand when you need it most. We know how to take action so that you will receive the free or low-cost social services you need. You will find hope at HFCC whether you need food, medical care, financial assistance, or a compassionate ear that listens and understands.

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Medical Social Services: Supporting You and Your Health

Searching for “social services in Eastern Kansas City” will lead you closer to a community of doctors who care about you. These dedicated doctors have partnered with local programs and organizations with one goal in mind: to improve your life. Their mission is to provide medical care, healthy food, and financial assistance to families in the greater KCMO area. Living in Eastern Kansas City means you have resources at your fingertips. Free or very low-cost medical social services are available to you. There’s no reason you should not receive the help available to you. Your life will be easier when you receive help from Hope Family Care Center tailored to your needs.

Financial Resources

Hope Family Care Center will expertly connect you with local assistance programs to cover your basic needs. Your HFCC friends will connect you with help for housing, applying for food stamps, receiving general relief funds, utility assistance, and childcare support.  Using our connections, you won’t just find relief, but you’ll also receive guidance tailored to your needs. We’ll never leave you alone to connect with the social services you need for financial support.

Counseling Referral

You don’t have to face mental health challenges alone. Support is closer than you think. Hope Family Care Center will connect you with dedicated counselors committed to providing the care and understanding you need. We offer compassionate, supportive help so that you won’t have to walk your path alone. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength. At HFCC, we’re ready to stand with you, offering guidance, support, and the resources needed to get through the tough times.

Screenings and Testing

We want healthcare services to be accessible to everyone in KCMO. That’s why Hope Family Care Center offers a range of screening and testing services available for little to no cost.  From routine check-ups, screening, or women’s health services, you can receive the medical social services you need.  At HFCC, you’re not just a number; you’re a valued community member, and we’re here to support your well-being.


At Hope Family Care Center, we strive to protect our community with one vaccination at a time.

We want protection for everyone from preventable diseases, so we offer vaccinations for little to no cost. Removing the financial barriers to receiving the protection vaccinations provide is what we are all about. You can trust HFCC to safeguard your well-being and the well-being of our community with every shot given.

Save on Health: Free & Low-Cost Medicaid Social Services

Signing up for Medicaid Social Services can feel overwhelming. You don’t have to worry about that because your friends at HFCC will guide you through signing you up for Medicaid. The process of signing up for Medicaid is so easy for us because we have heped so many people. Don’t let the fear of a complicated process hinder you from receiving help. Take the first step towards securing your health and well-being. Call us today to get started. 816-861-6500

Doctor overseeing chronic care patient

Need Assistance? Visit Hope Family Care Clinic Today!

You are not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to receive the help you need. At Hope Family Care Center, we want you to know that hope and a helping hand is here for you. Don’t let confusion or frustration keep you from living your best life. Your friends at HFCC are ready to show you how to receive the social services you need. Let’s take that step together towards a brighter future for you and your family. 

All it takes is a phone call to get started.